Publication Ethics

As a scientific journal, Scicistatio : Journal for Biological Science, is required to have rights and obligations in a publication. This relates to the understanding of members of the scientific profession which is needed for the publication of articles in peer-reviewed journals. This code of ethics is important in optimizing the benefits of science for society and the profession.

The publication of scientific research in journals is one of the essential products of Scicistatio : Journal for Biological Science in order to serve biological sciences community. Hence, authors, editors, and reviewers must maintain high ethical standards regarding research paper publication.


Author responsibilities
Present research reports that have been carried out ethically and responsibly in a published manuscript in accordance Scicistatio : Journal for Biological Science guidelines or provided template.

Present research results clearly, honestly, and without deception, avoiding mis-representation or improper manipulation of data.

Ensure that the submitted work is an original work. The author has used his own work and word. Citation from other researcher work should be properly quoted or referenced. appropriately.

Plagiarism in any form for unethical publishing is not tolerated. For this purpose, the authors are advised to use the available plagiarism check tools.

The author must contain the research method clearly and explicitly so that it can be confirmed by others.

The authors are involved and collectively responsible for the process of publishing the manuscript.

Authors involved in publishing must appropriately disclose individual contributions to their work and reporting.

Disclose in the manuscript any financial or other substantive conflicts that may be construed to affect the results or interpretation of the published manuscript. All sources of financial support for this work must be disclosed.


Editor responsibilities
Manage and continue the process of each manuscript that submitted to editorial board of of Scicistatio : Journal for Biological Science. 

Maintain quality of articles published by Scicistatio : Journal for Biological Science. Editors are responsible for every article published.

Decide to accept or reject a manuscript only on the basis manuscript originality, clarity, and relevance to the Scicistatio : Journal for Biological Science.

Decision on acceptance of incoming manuscripts should be conducted fairly, efficient, and on time.

Assess manuscripts regardless of differences in race, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, nationality, or political philosophy of the authors.

Guarantee that submitted manuscripts are handled confidentially, not being known by anyone, except the reviewer, without the permission of the author, until a final decision has been made whether the manuscript will be published.

Do not disclose any information about submitted manuscripts to anyone, except the authors, reviewers, other editorial advisors, and publishers, in accordance with the rules that apply in this journal.

Not entitled to use the submitted manuscript for personal gain except to the authors. Every work process is reported by not publishing it to anyone.

Take action in response to any suggestion of scientific error or to ensure evidence that the main substance or conclusions of the published manuscript are not appropriate, which can be done through communication and consultation with the authors. This may necessitate the withdrawal of publication or a formal amendment.

Take responsive action rationally if there is an error regarding the incoming manuscript or the published manuscript.


Reviewers responsibilities
Review manuscripts related to their field of expertise. Reviewers area of ​​expertise is needed to conduct an appropriate evaluation and complete the task within the allotted time.

Being objective and constructive in reviewing a manuscript.

Any manuscripts are accepted for review as confidential documents and are not allowed to inform any party for any reason. It is not allowed to discuss with other people except with the permission of the editor.

Do not use information obtained during the peer-review process for personal gain or for another person, or organization, or to harm or discredit others.

Provide input to the author regarding references that may be relevant and have a good reputation, without prioritizing personal or group interests.

State all possible conflicts of interest, the authors are asked to avoid them.

Required to complete their work on time. If the work is more than what has been agreed upon, the editor has the right to take the attitude of withdrawing the review manuscript.


Article retraction
Scicistatio: Journal for Biological Science has a strict regulations on publishing manuscripts. Manuscripts published in Scicistatio : Journal for Biological Science will be considered for withdrawal from publication if :
Have clear evidence that fraud was discovered, either as a result of a breach (e.g. duplication of data) or an error in processing (e.g. calculation error or experimental error).  There are findings of previous publications that have been published elsewhere without proper citation of references, permission, or justification (e.g. cases of over-publication)  The manuscript is proven of being a full text plagiarism
It is known that there are unethical research reports, both from the authors themselves, readers, and other information.

The procedure for withdrawing manuscripts through the process, in accordance with the applicable rules in COPE, is at the link: